About Us

StreetSmart®, the Leader in Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

We are a company in the service of service.

StreetSmart® has been leading the way for mobile workforce management solutions in businesses since the late 1990’s when we developed cloud-based software and phone app to manage mobile worker job activities. That was just the beginning, and today we are still innovating with new capabilities from quicker invoice processing using information from job site forms to effective jobs management using Microsoft Office Outlook.

Who We Are

StreetSmart® leads the industry with our full suite of mobile workforce management solutions. It all starts with an easy to download mobile device app. Mobile workers can use the app on their phone to track time, get dispatched job information and record job site information on mobile forms.

Our cloud-based administrative software seamlessly integrates with mobile worker information to provide insights into mobile worker locations, job activities and shift information. Dispatchers can manage jobs with either the StreetSmart® software or their familiar Microsoft Office Outlook application.

Time tracking and job information from the mobile app facilitates back-office processes with the ability to generate reports for analytics on job performance, operational efficiency and job site activities. Reports can also be run to streamline mileage reimbursements, invoicing and payroll. Optional API interfaces can further streamline these operational processes.

Our best-in-class customer support teams provide initial onboarding support and a 24/7/365 call center to keep your mobile workforce solution running smoothly.

StreetSmart® is Our Name for a Reason

Our name, StreetSmart®, represents our years of experience and knowledge and how we have applied it to our solution to help businesses understand and address the many different situations that happen in the work day of mobile workers who are ‘on the street.’ We understand the needs of mobile workers and the operational challenges of managing field employees and processes. Our street smart knowledge and common sense are combined with our innovative technology to provide businesses with up-to-date information and insights so they can succeed in every job situation and customer interaction.

StreetSmart® understands the field service and is the leader in turnkey Mobile Workforce Solutions.

StreetSmart® is a division of ClickSoftware, the leading provider of field service management solutions.

Innovative New Features, Powerful Emerging Technologies

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