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Since 1999 StreetSmart® mobile workforce solutions has been empowering companies to gain visibility and improve productivity into their mobile workforce management operations. Using mobile technology, cloud-based administrative software and back office API’s, companies can quickly implement a complete solution that meets their mobile workforce management requirements. StreetSmart’s mobile workforce app seamlessly connects field service jobs with cloud-based administrative applications. This turnkey workforce management solution offers Dispatch, Jobs Management, Job Forms, Timesheets, Trips/Mileage Management, GPS Locations, Invoice Support, Alerts, and many more capabilities.

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Comprehensive Functionality without the Complexity

StreetSmart offers a full suite of mobile workforce management solutions often found in enterprise-level implementations. Our solutions can be applied very quickly without a costly, complex and time-consuming implementation processes. Product capabilities are just the beginning. We provide best-in-class personalized onboarding, 24x7x365 support, professional services and device certification guarantees.

Jobs Management

Simplify field job scheduling with the ability to create and dispatch jobs electronically through the StreetSmart administrative app, or Microsoft Office Outlook.

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Mobile Job Forms

Gain greater visibility into field service jobs with pre-set and unlimited configurable mobile forms that allow workers to record job site information, capture images and signatures, annotate photos and easily send to the customer or office.

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Increase worker accountability with shift tracking and reporting, including start, stop and break times. Streamline payroll processing with an optional API integration into your payroll system.

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Trips/Mileage Manager

Improve insights into mobile employee trip details with employee, date, location and job information. Leverage information to optimize routes, save gas, increase productivity and simplify expense reimbursement.

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GPS Locations

Expand understanding of mobile employee movements with Google Maps. Gain a deeper understanding of employee productivity with detailed information such as arrival times, break status, routes taken and more.

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By the Numbers

Nearly 10,000 companies rely on StreetSmart® every day to reduce field operational costs, easily share information between the field and office, simplify payroll and invoicing, and improve scheduling and customer service. Each year StreetSmart® mobile apps process more than 24 million forms, 12 million GeoFences, 9 million jobs and 6 million shifts.

What Our Customers Say

StreetSmart® mobile workforce solutions set the bar for offering the most comprehensive solutions and service. Our customers know it and they stay with us. In fact, our average customer has been using StreetSmart® for 4.5 years, and we have more than 100 customers that have been with us for more than a decade!

Empower Your Company

Gain the visibility you need to make your mobile workforce management operations successful. Utilize mobile technology and cloud-based administrative software to easily share information between field and office.

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