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We’ve Helped Companies of Every Size in Nearly Every Industry Maximize Productivity and Increase ROI by Eliminating Unwanted Workflow Steps, Reducing Process Complexities and Focusing on Field Worker Adoption.

Field Workforce Management Tools
Shouldn’t Make Things Harder

76% of field service organizations struggle to achieve profitable revenue growth, according to a recent study. Most organizations consider automation the best path toward growth. However, very few have been able to successfully integrate automation into their daily workflows.

Many field service organizations are still using paper forms and manual processes. Their reluctance to invest in new technology keeps them stagnant. Others have attempted to automize by purchasing “high-end” workforce management solutions. But, even with the new technology, they still struggle to achieve profitable revenue growth.


We talk to Field Service Managers every day that are stretched thin. They need to improve productivity but they aren’t sure how. Their hesitancy to invest in new technology usually boils down to:


Fear that the tool won’t produce real results and will end up being a waste of money


Fear that their workers won’t really use it … and it will end up being a waste of money

That’s where StreetSmart comes in. We believe in simple, effective automation. Our mobile workforce management platform automates core tasks and workflows. You’ll see productivity improvements right away—both in the field and in the office. Plus, StreetSmart is the only field workforce management solution specifically designed to maximize user adoption. Eliminate friction by giving your workers an app they will actually want to use. 

Improve efficiency and increase ROI without making
your workers’ lives harder—with StreetSmart.

Mobile Workforce Management Solution
Loved by Brands Everywhere

The versatility of StreetSmart’s platform can be seen in the variety of industries and customers who use our technology daily. Big names such as Goodwill, Benjamin Moore, Core-Mark and Rockstar Energy have all seen increases in productivity since transitioning to our platform.

These customers, and many more, have used StreetSmart to automate their daily tasks and workflows. They love that we take a FieldFirst approach that drives field worker adoption.

“The overtime data is a big win for us. We have had a 43% reduction in overtime expenses.”

Michelle S. Teeples

Department Administrator of Continuing Care Services - Kaiser Permanente

“StreetSmart has helped our accounting department significantly. We’ve eliminated the manual aspects of payroll, along with most of the labor hour associated with that process. All around, we’re happy with StreetSmart. It’s been a very positive experience for us.”

Kelli Hill

Staff Accountant - Schilling Companies

“In fact, you could say that we’re stretched to capacity. But with [StreetSmart], we have been able to significantly increase that workload without adding any personnel or vehicles to our fleet. That’s significant.”

Dave Martyn

Director of Logistics - Goodwill Industries

“StreetSmart is an all-in-one solution. It tracks our handlers but it also eliminates manual paperwork.”


Office Manager - Geese Police

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