About StreetSmart

What Makes Us StreetSmart®

We are a company in the service of service.

Easy to Implement Mobile Workforce Solution   |   Actionable Mobile Worker and Job Site Information   |   Common Sense Understanding of Mobile Worker Activities   |   One Solution that Grows with your Business

StreetSmart leads the industry with our full suite of mobile workforce management solutions. It all starts with an easy to download mobile device app. Mobile workers can use the app on their phone to track time, get dispatched job information, record job site information on mobile forms and more. Read on for more about StreetSmart.

About StreetSmart

Our cloud-based administrative software seamlessly integrates with mobile worker information to provide insights into mobile worker locations, job activities and shift information. Dispatchers can manage jobs with either the StreetSmart software or their familiar Microsoft Office Outlook application. Field managers, operations, and finance can quickly access and analyze field service worker job site data, travel and time sheets from one flexible solution.

StreetSmart is Our Name for a Reason

Our name represents years of experience and knowledge in mobile workforce management. We have applied that knowledge to our StreetSmart solution to help businesses understand and address the many different situations that happen in the work day of mobile workers who are ‘on the street.’ We used to be known as Xora, however, changed the name to better reflect our understanding of the need for visibility and productivity for mobile workers.

Who Uses StreetSmart

Many industries use StreetSmart to improve visibility into mobile worker activity, increase productivity and gain insights into job data. A sampling of industries that use StreetSmart apps include:

– Healthcare such as home health care, delivery services, and hospice care;
– Beverage, wholesale and retail distribution;
– Home specialty trades including HVAC, plumbing, appliance repair, and electrical companies;
– Commercial services like HVAC, facilities management, security, and landscaping;
– Government entities including public works, inspections, and social services.

Our StreetSmart apps are flexible enough to work in many industries. In fact, any organization that has mobile workers benefits from our mobile workforce management solutions.