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Edit Trips Feature

A little-known StreetSmart feature (Edit Trips) can save you the administrative hassle that can arise when a member of your field crew accidentally fat-fingers the odometer in a trip and hits submit before realizing. Activating this feature enables the worker to edit this themselves instead of calling into the office and tying up someone in the office, who would have to go in and fix it.  Or worse yet, no one changes it at all, and you catch it on the monthly expense report and you then have th...
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Cindy Kerr | May 13, 2020

5 Things You Can Do to use StreetSmart Better This Year

StreetSmart offers a variety of features specifically designed to support your goals and make leadership easier—but only if you use them. To make the most of ...
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T3 Marketing | December 11, 2019

StreetSmart, a leader in mobile workforce management, acquired by Think3

AUSTIN, TX, December 11, 2019 - StreetSmart, a mobile workforce management solution that enables companies to streamline and increase the visibility of their fi...
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StreetSmart | October 24, 2019

StreetSmart joins the CenturyLink Hybrid IT Marketplace Provider Program

Cloud-based mobile workforce management solution for small and mid-markets now offered through the CenturyLink Hybrid IT Marketplace. Mendota Heights, MN – 0...
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StreetSmart | October 23, 2019

How Lawncare, Landscaping, and Snow Removal Use StreetSmart

With winter around the corner, seasonal businesses are already beginning to line up contract employees and assess their equipment and systems for 2019-2020. The...
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StreetSmart | October 22, 2019

REAL ID Deadline Approaching

Have you renewed your US driver's license as a REAL ID yet? A friendly public service announcement for everyone who travels via air in the USA: On October 1, 20...
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StreetSmart | October 8, 2019

StreetSmart 18.15 Release Benefits Mobile Workers

Outside Hours of Operation Notification Are your employees concerned about being “monitored” when they’re not working? Prevent the risk of employee griev...
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StreetSmart | October 8, 2019

StreetSmart Joins Operation Gratitude Campaign

This Halloween, local trick-or-treaters will join kids across the country  when they donate their extra Halloween candy to Operation Gratitude. Donations will ...
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StreetSmart | October 2, 2019

StreetSmart Celebrates Daan Utsav 2019

For the fifth consecutive year, StreetSmart will participate in the Daan Utsav Festival, or the Festival of Giving and Joy, as a community service. This is an a...
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