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5 Things You Can Do to use StreetSmart Better This Year


StreetSmart offers a variety of features specifically designed to support your goals and make leadership easier—but only if you use them. To make the most of its thoughtful design, here are five ways to use StreetSmart better this year, in no particular order:

  1. Check the Worker’s List daily and hold your workers accountable for logging in and tracking with the server.  If they’re not, call them so they can immediately correct the issue (by simply turning  the device on, launching the mobile app, turning location tracking back on, etc.).  In our experience, once mobile workers realize that their managers are looking at the web management app and holding them accountable for using it as a matter of routine, they will start using the mobile app as a matter of routine.
  2. Use the Device Status Log to see the whole picture. If a worker hasn’t been tracking for a longer-than-normal amount of time and then suddenly starts tracking, check the Device Status Log to see what the device log captured. It’s often the case that the device had been turned off or put on airplane mode(1). The sooner you address this with your worker, the sooner you can resolve the issue together.
  3. Set up Common Alerts to automatically learn when workers’ are not communicating, a device is not tracking, is on airplane mode, or has made an unusually long stop. It’s best not to set up so many alerts that you risk tuning them out. Instead, you might choose to set an alert to notify you of something potentially problematic that requires prompt attention, such as when a job has overshot its normal duration by double. 
  4. Run the Latest Version of the Mobile App, currently 18.15.  As device manufacturers and carriers issue new releases, our mobile app needs to also be updated.  Consider using the device settings to automatically update the mobile app when it is connected to Wi-Fi.  Workers may need to relaunch the StreetSmart app and accept the new EULA and other warnings before it will track after the update.
  5. Keep Your Worker List Updated.  To enable you to run reports that include former workers, we do not delete old workers when a license is cancelled.  If you have former workers still on the workers list, consider moving them into a special group dedicated to former old workers.  Once you move old workers into that group, you remove it out of your view so you only see workers that should be communicating and tracking with our servers. 

    (1) Airplane mode detecting is only available on Android Devices

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