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9 Must-Have Mobile App Capabilities for a Home Healthcare Worker


While there are many mobile apps available for managing mobile healthcare workers, most of them have very limited capabilities. One app may work great for GPS tracking, reporting travel expenses or recording shift hours, but most apps will not do all three functions. Finding one app with multiple capabilities brings exponential value, but what features are most important to your healthcare organization? We compiled a list of nine must-have features for your home healthcare mobile app.

Home Healthcare Mobile App Checklist

This comprehensive mobile app checklist for healthcare workers is based on our years of experience helping hundreds of healthcare organizations manage their remote healthcare workers’ productivity and safety. Here is our list of must-haves for your home healthcare mobile app solution:

  • Dispatch and job management for appointment locations and appointment status information
  • Mobile forms with image capabilities to document clinician safety concerns and incidents
  • GPS location intelligence to know where the healthcare worker is and has been
  • Timesheets to easily track healthcare worker hours and monitor overtime risk
  • Mileage records for automated travel expense reimbursements when using personal vehicles
  • Invoice forms to document medical supplies used during appointments
  • In-app messages and management alerts to monitor and communicate potential safety issues
  • Flexible administrative software that configures to your alerts workflows and management reporting based on mobile app data
  • Integration capabilities to bring mobile app data into payroll, expense, and other systems

A mobile app that includes these capabilities will improve your healthcare operations. Even better, these capabilities interact with each other to provide more value.

Take the example from earlier in this post. If you had a mobile app that includes GPS location services, records travel expenses, and records hours, all the functions can work together to validate exactly where your healthcare worker was when she clocked in or out and if she stayed within her geofence while on the clock. Reports can be run to validate hours and expenses based on GPS breadcrumb trails with date/time stamps.

This added verification produces information for management reports and analysis that can lead to reduced overtime and travel expenses and increased patient visits – not something you can get out of a single-use app.

Make sure your home healthcare workers are equipped with a mobile app that provides best practice capabilities in one prepackaged mobile solution that can be up and running in a single day.

Learn more about how mobile app solutions can improve your healthcare operations by checking out our Mobile App Healthcare Data Sheet. And learn more about mobile workforce management on the StreetSmart blog.

To learn more about how the StreetSmart mobile app for healthcare workers can help your organization, Email or call us at 877-336-4899 ext. #2

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