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4 Tips to Attract Millennial Workers to Your Small Business


According to the Service Council, 70% of service organizations report they’ll be facing a pinch from retiring workers in 5-10 years. In the midst of this aging workforce crisis, service businesses large and small are struggling to find effective mobile workers.

So who can fill these openings? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, millennials already make up a majority of the workforce, and by 2030, this new generation of workers will make up 75% of the total available workforce. Not to mention, millennials have a lot to offer. They tend to be more tech savvy, they’re driven by purpose, and actively seek development.

But where are all these millennial workers hiding? It’s possible your small business just isn’t looking in the right place.

Attract Millennial Service Workers without Breaking the Bank

While recruiting top mobile workers, drivers, and technicians can be difficult for businesses in general, small businesses are especially feeling that pain, likely because they have little to no recruiting budget on top of a limited candidate pool.

So how can small businesses compete with the budgets of large companies and still reach highly qualified young mobile workers? By being more creative than their competitors with how they are reaching out to millennials. Try out these four creative recruiting strategies.

Tip #1: Find the Right Job Board for Your Business Needs and Budget

Job sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Monster can be a great way to reach a larger candidate pools. However, these job sites may not be the best option for your small business budget, because each posting could cost several hundred dollars a month.  Some great budget-friendly alternatives include and SimplyHired because these sites generally get the same applicants, but you pay per click or per post at a dramatically reduced price.

There are some drawbacks to job boards, especially if you’re looking to fill a job that requires specific skills. It can be difficult to attract the right type of applicants because general job boards don’t filter jobs based on applicant skills or experience.

But industry or job-specific sites like HiringDriversNow and HomeTeam can help recruiters and applicants find open positons for remote workers, drivers, and technicians with the right qualifications in the correct industries. These sites work by matching applicants to open jobs based on skill requirements, so both the applicants and the recruiters know they are a qualified candidate.

For example, HiringDriversNow specializes in all types of truck and delivery drivers. If your business needs to transport hazardous material, you’ll want drivers with previous experience handling hazardous material. You’ll be able to request that on the job posting and know that the candidates that apply will have the skills and experience you’re looking for.

Tip #2: Post Job Openings on the Mobile Apps Millennials Are Using

Almost every millennial today has a smart phone. They were practically born with technology in their hands. Their comfort with technology is changing the way companies are conducting their business, including when it comes to recruitment. There’s been an emergence of apps that make searching and applying for jobs easier, and they could make the difference in your recruiting strategy.

Mobile apps like SwitchApp or SnagaJob, help reach potential workers using devices they spend hours on every day. Even home healthcare is adapting to this generation through apps like CareLinx, a service that matches patients with care professionals just like a dating app.  Likewise, major job boards such as LinkedIn,, and Monster have created job search apps that allow the users to search and apply for jobs by simply uploading their resume or filling in profile information.

The rise of job search apps has made applying for jobs as easy as ordering a pizza. Not only is it great for attracting millennials, but it helps you find employees who you know will be comfortable using mobile workforce solutions on the job.

Tip #3: Recruiting Top Talent Through Social Media

Social Media is a great free to low-cost tool that helps recruiters reach a larger candidate pool and a younger workforce. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat can be used to  post openings or spread awareness for job openings across personal and company networks.

For instance, Facebook now offers the ability to post your open positions directly on company pages and promote the job postings to your social circles through JobAds. FacebookBusiness makes it easier for small businesses to post openings as they would a status update. And it makes finding these positions just as easy for the applicants. Applicants simply click “apply now,” and a submission generates with the information they have on their profile. It’s that simple.

Tip #4: Create an Employee Referral Program that Actually Works

Referral programs are an excellent way to find skilled workers that already have the skills you’re looking for, without the extra cost, time, and training that usually comes with hiring new employees. Not only can employee referral programs reduce recruiting costs, but

they can help build employee loyalty and a positive organizational culture since the referrals are from the same networks as the employees you already know and trust.

Referral programs can be set up simply by awarding a bonus for each referral that is hired. But to make this program effective, small businesses must focus on setting the standard for referrals. You can learn more about this at the SHRM Q&A page or Talent HQ.

Recruiting top talent for your small business during a talent shortage can be a struggle. But by trying new recruiting methods and looking in the right places, it’s possible to find the right mobile workers for your business.

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