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Best Practice: Managing Delivery Drivers


Five Questions Every Delivery Drivers Manager Needs to Ask

When it comes to best practices for managing delivery drivers, an organization that can easily answer the following five questions are far more likely to have productive and accountable delivery drivers.

  1. How many, and what hours did my drivers work?

Have a digital account of daily driver start, end, and break times that can be verifiable by GPS tracking, and automatically sent to the office for manager review and payroll processing.

  1. Where are my drivers and where have they been?

Route information for both current and historical GPS coordinates need to be available in real time to ensure drivers are not using work hours or company vehicles for unauthorized personal use.

  1. What is the status of every delivery?

Up-to-date information on delivery job activity and statuses should be accessible at any time using mobile job dispatch information and mobile forms.

  1. Has the delivery been satisfactorily completed?

Proof of delivery in the form of photos or signatures can immediately be sent to the office or shared with the customer.

“Before we started using the solution, we were making approximately 55% of our deliveries on time. Since using the solution, our on-time delivery rate almost doubled. Now 99% of our deliveries arrive on time.” – Transportation Manager

  1. Are my drivers staying on their routes?

Compare daily mileage driven to original route mileage estimates to confirm drivers are using the most efficient routes.

Best Practice Managing Delivery Drivers

Managers that confidently answer these five questions have visibility and verification of their driver’s activities. Using this best practice knowledge for managing delivery drivers, they are far more likely to have productive drivers and cost-effective routes than their counterparts who rely on manual driver reports. Read our complete Tip Sheet.

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