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The Six C’s of Mobile Workforce App Selection (and 30 Questions to Ask the Vendors)


The process of buying a mobile workforce management solution for your field operations can be daunting. Most companies spend substantial time evaluating features of the solutions they are considering. However, many organizations neglect to spend enough time researching the entire buying and ongoing relationship experience they can expect from the software provider they select.

Six C’s for Buying a Mobile Workforce Management Solution

Buying a mobile workforce management solution needs to include a complete examination of both product features and the software provider’s performance.

Product feature requirements will be specific to each organization. However, the requirements for the software provider experience can be standardized into six categories.

Software provider performance standards can be grouped into the Six C’s for buying a mobile app: complexity, customer support, company viability, customer references, costs and consulting.

30 Questions to Evaluate Mobile Workforce Management Solution Vendors

Here are 30 questions every organization should ask protentional software providers during the selection process, listed according to each of the Six C’s.


  • Is the solution turnkey and easy to configure to our operation’s requirements?
  • Do I need to dedicate IT staff or other resources to implement and maintain the solution?
  • How quickly can the solution be implemented?
  • Do I have access to a dedicated onboarding specialist?
  • Are there on-demand training materials like videos and best practice documentation?
  • What happens if I need to train someone new months after we implemented the solution?


  • Is live customer support available when our field teams are working?
  • Can I reach customer support by phone and email 24x7x365?


  • Are the vendor and their solutions well-known?
  • Is the solution a core-competency for the vendor?
  • Are there customer case study references available?
  • Has the vendor or their solutions earned awards or industry accolades?
  • How long has the vendor been in business?
  • Is the vendor financially stable?
  • Is the vendor making investments back into the company and their solutions?
  • Does the vendor demonstrate that they are growing with new customers?


  • Does the vendor understand and have proven experience in my industry?
  • Who are some of their key customers and are they referenceable?
  • Do they have customer case studies that are like my company?
  • Is the vendor expanding into additional industries or solution use cases?


  • What is the cost per user?
  • Is unlimited administrative and manager access included in the price?
  • Are onboarding and ongoing training included in the price?
  • Is 24x7x365 live support included in the price?
  • Is it a monthly subscription, one-time or annual fee?
  • Can I easily scale the number of subscriptions as field staff grows?
  • Are the package offerings priced according to their capabilities?


  • Does the vendor provide professional sales consultants that are knowledgeable about our industry and use case needs?
  • Does the vendor offer ROI calculations using our numbers?
  • Can the solution be purchased through multiple channels such as app stores, online marketplaces, value-added resellers, system integrators or direct sales?

Defining the non-product requirements into the 6 C’s, discovering the answers to these 30 software provider performance questions, and gaining an in-depth understanding of the product capabilities, will lead to a successful mobile workforce app selection process.

Download List of 30 Questions

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