Can you Achieve a 99% On-time Delivery KPI?

Can you Achieve a 99% On-time Delivery KPI?

Can you Achieve a 99% On-time Delivery KPI?

May 16, 2018 The StreetSmart Team 0 Comments

Delivering products to retail stores on time can be a challenge due to perishable goods, operating hours and delivery driver productivity. A leading paint manufacturer, with a reputation for high-quality products, found a solution to this challenge using a distribution mobile app that relies on StreetSmart GPS location intelligence technology.

Here is how they increased their on-time delivery KPI from 55 to 99% – a 45% increase.

Challenge Delivering Paint On-Time

  • Unacceptable 55% delivery rate KPI
  • Dissatisfied retail customers resulting in high call volumes
  • Inefficient use of delivery driver resources

Solution Distribution Mobile App

  • GPS tracking of mobile worker devices
  • Alerts for route deviations
  • Date, time and location verification


  • Increased on-time deliveries from 55 – 99%
  • Delivery dispute calls to each distribution center decreased from 25/day to zero
  • Reduction driver overtime through more efficient scheduling

With one turnkey distribution mobile app, this large paint manufacturer was able to make mission-critical changes that positively impacted their delivery operations, distribution center resources and customer satisfaction.

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