Edit Trips Feature

Edit Trips Feature

Edit Trips Feature

May 28, 2020 The StreetSmart Team 0 Comments

A little-known StreetSmart feature (Edit Trips) can save you the administrative hassle that can arise when a member of your field crew accidentally fat-fingers the odometer in a trip and hits submit before realizing. Activating this feature enables the worker to edit this themselves instead of calling into the office and tying up someone in the office, who would have to go in and fix it.  Or worse yet, no one changes it at all, and you catch it on the monthly expense report and you then have the work of chasing down the worker and hoping s/he remembers the trip. 

Save yourself the headaches and enable the feature, so they can fix their own mistakes when possible.  Don’t worry, an icon on the StreetSmart Web Management App indicates when the mobile worker has edited a trip.

To turn on this feature, you just need to make sure their assigned role has “Edit” permission selected under “Mileage” and they are running the StreetSmart Mobile App 18.13 or higher (release version is listed under Device List in the StreetSmart Web Management App).  Here is a cheat sheet you can download to share with your mobile workers on how to edit a trip from their mobile device




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