Looking for an Electronic Visit Verification solution? StreetSmart can help.

Looking for an Electronic Visit Verification solution? StreetSmart can help.

Looking for an Electronic Visit Verification solution? StreetSmart can help.

October 1, 2018 The StreetSmart Team 0 Comments

With the signing of the 21st Century CURES Act, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems are required, starting January 2020, for states that have Medicaid-funded personal care services programs. Non-compliance may result in a reduction in federal funding. This legislation is designed to ensure patients are receiving the services the homecare agencies are claiming for Medicaid.

  • That a home care agency employee provided the agreed-upon point-of-care service
  • The time that a visit began and ended
  • The individual who received the service
  • The date and location of the provided service

While the primary reason for requiring EVV is to help eliminate fraud in the industry, EVV can also yield substantial benefits in operational efficiencies, the quality of care delivered, and increase employee satisfaction.

Here’s how using EVV benefits home health agencies:

1) Billing: EVV allows agency’s to eliminate costly, manual paperwork. As a result, billing is faster and more accurate and data entry errors are reduced because clinicians are entering information in real-time, versus taking notes and manually recording visits later.

2) Patient Care: less paperwork means more time to spend with the patient. This means a better patient experience, a key component in the new value-based care model. favorable reviews, word of mouth marketing (the best kind) and happier clinicians.

3) Shorter Revenue Cycles: Payments are accelerated with EVV, shortening an agency’s revenue cycle, enabling you to more efficiently invest in your business.

4) Efficient Scheduling: missed visit alerts and appointment changes can be sent directly to a clinician’s Smartphone or tablet to reduce scheduling errors. The GPS feature can also reduce mileage costs by recommending the most efficient routes.

5) Compliance: When audits occur, proof-of-care data is readily available and accessible without having to sift through and produce massive amounts of paperwork. Agencies can easily prove that the visit took place in the patient’s home with mobile EVV capability. Additionally, patient signatures are collected on such mobile devices as additional proof that the care was provided at the point of care. These improvements also lead to more efficient operations and more time can be spent on growing your business and taking on more visits.

6) Reduced Fraud: the EVV app automatically time-stamps the clinician’s check-in and check-out times. This captures accurate data for employee payroll processing, verifies if the clinician arrived at the scheduled time and eliminates any potential fraudulent time cards.

StreetSmart is a proven mobile app solution that can be quickly implemented to meet the needs of Electronic Visit Verification. To learn more about how StreetSmart can help download the datasheet here


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