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What Do Border Collies, Canadian Geese, and Police Have in Common?


The combination of animals, people, and technology may seem odd until you learn how this company uses a mobile workforce manager app for property management. Geese Police, Inc. is a Canada goose control company, which employs highly trained working border collies to herd geese off clients’ properties. The founder, David C. Marcks, is known as “America’s Canada Goose Expert” and has been working with trained border collies to control geese for over 25 years.

Mobile Workforce Manager App for Property Management

Geese Police, Inc. corporate headquarters currently has over 35 specially trained dogs servicing clients throughout New Jersey and Richmond counties in New York. Gigi, the office manager, has found a way to save nearly $17,000 a year in data input expenses for her employer, Geese Police, Inc. of Farmingdale, New Jersey. And, no, it wasn’t because she taught the firm’s 30 geese-herding border collies to type. Instead, she equipped the company’s 25 trained handlers with StreetSmart’s mobile business solution.

It’s Good When Geese Fly Away – But Not the Paperwork

Geese Police handlers work with the firm’s border collies to clear Canada geese from the lawns and ponds of New Jersey’s corporate campuses, private estates, public parks, cemeteries, and playing fields, without harming the geese.

“Given the nature of their job, the handlers are on the move constantly, traveling from one job site to another during their workdays,” explained Gigi, the Office Manager at Geese Police. “I had to deal with lost timesheets that literally flew out the windows of the trucks and struggled to read the busy handlers’ scrawls. StreetSmart is an all-in-one solution. It tracks our handlers, but it also eliminates manual paperwork.” — Gigi, Office Manager, Geese Police

StreetSmart All-In-One Solution Saves $17,000

Before Gigi chose StreetSmart’s all-in-one solution, Geese Police was using a single-function mobile phone-based product. While this product tracked the locations of handlers and dog teams, it didn’t solve the problem of lost or illegible timesheets, which cost the company a lot of money.

Gigi estimates that StreetSmart saves Geese Police the equivalent of one full-time clerk, whose job was to input timesheet data. Moreover, she explains that Geese Police also saves money because they buy fewer reams of paper, and save on the expense of printing, filing, and storage now that manual timecards are gone. And of course, the headache of tracking down lost timesheets has disappeared along with the manual paperwork.

The StreetSmart solution consists of a configurable mobile business app that downloads onto handlers’ Geese Police-issued mobile phones. The app lets handlers quickly and easily record the time spent at each job site, right from their mobile phones. This important information is automatically sent to StreetSmart’s web management application, which Gigi can access from her computers in the office and at home, or from her smartphone.

Geese Police uses the StreetSmart app to where their handlers are and have been, and reports are easily created for better accountability to their clients.

They also use the mobile app for timecards to improve their accuracy and saw immediate savings of nearly $17,000 in annual payroll expenses with the automated process.

As you can see, Border Collies, Canadian geese, and the (Geese) Police actually do have something in common with a mobile workforce manager app for property management.

Geese Police Case Study

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