How Lawncare, Landscaping, and Snow Removal Use StreetSmart

How Lawncare, Landscaping, and Snow Removal Use StreetSmart

How Lawncare, Landscaping, and Snow Removal Use StreetSmart

October 23, 2019 The StreetSmart Team 0 Comments

With winter around the corner, seasonal businesses are already beginning to line up contract employees and assess their equipment and systems for 2019-2020. They’ll remember some of the pervasive challenges that they run into year after year. Here are some of the recurring challenges that they can eliminate with mobile workforce solutions.

Inaccurate, manual timesheet and payroll processes

  • Whether you have a handful or dozens of field employees, how often do you need to follow up to capture punch-ins, breaks, and punch-outs?
  • How many hours do you need to devote every week to recording and correcting payroll?

Monitoring efficiency and controlling overtime expenses becomes a huge priority when big storms hit, or when the season is especially heavy and you have many contract customers. Using mobile Timesheets does away with error-prone and time consuming tasks. GPS tracking enables you to show that your mobile workers are where they say they are and when. One customer was able to reduce monthly payroll processing by 32 hours.

Tracking employee presence on job sites

  • Is it difficult to dispatch new jobs or add-on requests to operators in the field?
  • Do operators ever forget to clock in and out at a job site?
  • Have employees ever skipped a site, or has a customer ever complained about a job not being done when it actually was? How do you prove that someone was there and did the work?

Using GeoFences, everyone can see when a worker enters and leaves the job site, and how long it takes to clear a site. Photo proof of service can show you when and where the job was completed.

Customer service, timely and accurate invoicing

  • Do you ever find out a customer service issue long after the fact?
  • Do your mobile employees need to call in to report exceptions? Can you centrally track them?

With Mobile Forms and electronic visit verification through date, time, location, and photo evidence, you can provide full transparency to your customers, verify completion, and validate your invoices. One lawncare business was able to eliminate hundreds of daily manual forms.

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