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When the News Crews are Gone and Storm Cleanup Begins


As the string of hurricanes keeps pummeling the US and Caribbean, our first thoughts are for the safety and well-being of everyone impacted by the storms. Once the wind, rain, and floods have passed, search and rescue efforts have ended, and news cameras have turned their attention elsewhere, the long and arduous process of storm cleanup begins. It can take months for storm-ravaged communities to gain a sense of normality again. And even years later, while rebuilding continues, there are often visual reminders of the devastating storm impact.

Coordinating Hurricane Storm Cleanup

Coordinating the many agencies and local, city and state workers and volunteers is a challenge. And efficient field operations are paramount to timely hurricane storm cleanup. Government agencies, businesses, and non-profits alike have looked to StreetSmart for fast implementation of their flexible mobile workforce solution, to expedite their hurricane storm cleanup efforts.

“StreetSmart was instrumental in our cleanup efforts, having played a major role in the development and implementation of much-needed emergency programming changes in a very short turnaround time.” – NYC Dept. of Sanitation

Using StreetSmart’s prepackaged mobile app and cloud-based software, organizations improve their ability to facilitate communications between the field and operations center. They also find value with:

    • Improved safety for supervisors, workers, and volunteers, with GPS, alerts and in-app messaging.
    • Faster response times to critical cleanup sites using dispatch and job management capabilities.
    • Instant visibility into job site information and status with wireless forms.
    • Simplified shift tracking and validation of volunteer and contract worker hours with mobile timesheets
    • Increased GPS location information for worker’s current and past locations and date/time stamp capabilities, even when networks are unavailable.

Past experience working with storm cleanup efforts also come into play and the StreetSmart team understands the need for organizations to respond quickly. We have the knowledge and experience to implement the most critical storm cleanup related mobile app solution capabilities within a few hours of contacting us.

Learn how the New York City Sanitation department used our mobile workforce app to clean up after Hurricane Sandy.  Case Study


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