Personalized Customer Support Leveraging StreetSmart

Personalized Customer Support Leveraging StreetSmart

Personalized Customer Support Leveraging StreetSmart

May 25, 2017 The StreetSmart Team 0 Comments

Mobile Workforce App Benefits Include Improved Customer Experience

Customers do not appreciate overflowing dumpsters near their businesses or finding full trash cans sitting in the driveway when they come home from work. Johns Disposal knows how easy it is to lose a customer in the competitive waste management industry and discovered one of the StreetSmart mobile workforce app benefits is the ability to enhance their customer’s experiences.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Johns Disposal quickly provides information to route drivers on addresses with special handling needs and mid-day route callbacks. They also have the ability to provide onsite proof of issues such as excess trash, or blocked receptacles.

“StreetSmart helps us provide exceptional customer service to our customers and municipalities.” Dan Jongetjes, General Manager, Johns Disposal

For more than ten years Johns Disposal has been using StreetSmart, a mobile workforce management solution, for their 600 service routes. The mobile app and cloud-based administrative software are critical to communicating special route requests to drivers and enabling them to document pick-up issues.

“This mobile workforce tool gives us the ability to quickly get our drivers to the right place, after receiving a customer service request,” says Dan Jongetjes. “StreetSmart helps provide a great same-day customer experience that we have come to rely on.”

 Johns Disposal has used StreetSmart Workforce Management solutions for many years; configuring forms, dispatch, and GPS capabilities to fit their specific business requirements and help continue their long-standing reputation for superior customer support.

Read how Johns Disposal leverages many capabilities within the StreetSmart mobile workforce app to bring added benefits to their customers. Case Study


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