StreetSmart Minimizes Payroll Labor with Construction Timesheet App

StreetSmart Minimizes Payroll Labor with Construction Timesheet App

StreetSmart Minimizes Payroll Labor with Construction Timesheet App

November 13, 2017 The StreetSmart Team 0 Comments

Schilling Companies is a group of more than 20 innovative development companies that specialize in build-to-suit projects for business communities in Wyoming and Colorado. Mountain Peak Builders, LLC (MPB), is the general contractor for Schilling Companies, and they are responsible for all oil and gas pipeline construction.

To successfully manage all their construction projects, MPB must have visibility into their field workers’ activities and a streamlined process to track employee time. According to MPB Staff Accountant Kelli Hill, her team had a manual and labor-intensive payroll process that made it difficult to monitor employee timesheets and job activities.

“We were constantly calling out to the field to check on employees’ time, what we were paying them for, what we weren’t paying them for, and so on. It wasn’t very efficient,” — Kelli Hill, Staff Accountant, Schilling Companies

This ultimately drove MPB to search for a mobile workforce management tool that could help improve their current processes.

StreetSmart Mobile Construction Timesheet App

Mountain Peak Builders, LLC selected StreetSmart’s mobile timesheets solution to automate their payroll processes and improve overall employee efficiency.

MPB uses StreetSmart’s construction timesheet app to minimize labor costs while improving the accuracy of both payroll and customer billing. MPB employees also use StreetSmart-enabled mobile devices to clock in and out of each job they work, throughout the day.

“StreetSmart has helped our accounting department significantly. We’ve eliminated the manual aspects of payroll, along with most of the labor hours associated with that process—amounting to a savings of 20-30 hours per week. — Kelli Hill, Staff Accountant, Schilling Companies

In addition to more accurate payroll and customer billing processes, MPB can use the data from StreetSmart to properly estimate jobs, verify job site resources, and minimize employee overtime.

Learn more about how Mountain Peak Builders, LLC boosted efficiency and payroll accuracy, read the full case study here.

For more information about StreetSmart Mobile Timesheet or our turnkey mobile workforce solutions, contact us.

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