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The Six C’s of Mobile Workforce App Selection (and 30 Questions to Ask the Vendors)

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The Six C’s of Mobile Workforce App Selection (and 30 Questions to Ask the Vendors)

The process of buying a mobile workforce management solution for your field operations can be daunting. Most companies spend substantial time evaluating features of the solutions they are considering. However, many organizations neglect to spend enough time researching the entire buying and ongoing relationship experience they can expect from the software provider they select. Six C’s for Buying a Mobile Workforce Management Solution Buying a mobile workforce management solution needs to inc...
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Administrator | March 19, 2018

Beyond Product Features – 8 Decision Criteria for Choosing a New Mobile Workforce App

What should you consider before you buy a mobile workforce app solution? There are many things to contemplate when evaluating mobile workforce apps and it may d...
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Administrator | March 12, 2018

Six Reasons to Use StreetSmart for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

StreetSmart for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) With the signing of the 21st Century CURES Act, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems are required, st...
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StreetSmart | February 20, 2018

StreetSmart Mobile Workforce Solution Increases Productivity for Rockstar Energy

Rockstar Energy is one of the top three energy drink providers in North America, and its products are available in over 30 countries worldwide. In the past Vice...
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Administrator | February 7, 2018

StreetSmart Receives Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Leadership Award in Mobile Workforce Applications

StreetSmart ranked 9.75 on the 10-point scale for Mobile Workforce Applications StreetSmart is honored to be the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Customer ...
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Administrator | November 28, 2017

Survey Says… Your Small Business Needs Productivity Tools

Running a small business can have its challenges, from struggling to grow revenue year over year, to competing with larger corporations and hiring new employees...
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Administrator | November 21, 2017

A StreetSmart Technology Drive Donates 150 Computer to PCs for People

Recently StreetSmart’s Minneapolis office partnered with PCs for People, a local Minnesota nonprofit organization, as part of community outreach program. Toge...
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Administrator | November 16, 2017

Tracking Employee Time and Distribution Logistics with Ease

Goodwill is a donor-driven agency that provides job development through classes, training, and work experience. Their goal is to help individuals develop the ma...
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Administrator | November 13, 2017

StreetSmart Minimizes Payroll Labor with Construction Timesheet App

Schilling Companies is a group of more than 20 innovative development companies that specialize in build-to-suit projects for business communities in Wyoming an...
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