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Six Reasons to Use StreetSmart for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)


StreetSmart for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

With the signing of the 21st Century CURES Act, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems are required, starting January 2019, for states that have Medicaid-funded personal care services programs. Non-compliance may result in a reduction in federal funding. This legislation is designed to ensure patients are receiving the services the homecare agencies are claiming for Medicaid. Here are the primary data points required for EVV:

  • Type of service preformed
  • Individual who provided the service
  • Individual who received the service
  • Time the visit began and when it ended
  • Date of service
  • Location of service

StreetSmart Benefits for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

There are a number of reasons to choose StreetSmart mobile workforce solutions for Electronic Visit Verification.

StreetSmart’s mobile app has been helping healthcare agencies manage their field staff operations for more than a decade. The built-in capabilities allow home healthcare agencies and their field staff to provide necessary EVV information in the mobile app.

And, with integrated GPS services, the location, time and date of service can automatically be verified, providing reliable proof of patient service.  Here are six benefits to using StreetSmart.

  1. Proven mobile app. StreetSmart has been helping healthcare agencies manage their field staff operations for more than a decade and is designed to collect a variety of field staff information, including the requirements for EVV.
  2. Built-in verification technology. The solution automatically substantiates dates, times and location data entered by the agency or healthcare worker.
  3. Provides separation of EVV data from medical data. Using the StreetSmart app for proof-of-care service and a different solution for individual medical records reduces the risk of privacy violations.
  4. Mobile app capabilities beyond EVV. In one mobile app, StreetSmart is used for EVV, electronic timesheets, worker travel expenses, and other information that is captured on configurable mobile forms.
  5. Improved safety of healthcare workers. Alerts can be set up within StreetSmart to monitor unusual activities such as extended patient visits and deviations from service areas that may indicate a safety issue.
  6. Improves health care worker satisfaction and retention. The StreetSmart app is easy to learn how to use, eliminates paperwork and extra trips to the office with the use of mobile forms. The assurance of management alerts also helps employees feel more secure on the job.

StreetSmart is a proven mobile app solution that can be quickly be implemented to meet the needs of Electronic Visit Verification.

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