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Survey Says… Your Small Business Needs Productivity Tools


Running a small business can have its challenges, from struggling to grow revenue year over year, to competing with larger corporations and hiring new employees. It can take a lot to manage all the moving parts of a business and make sure everything is operating as efficiently as possible. So why not let technology do some of this heavy lifting?

According to the State of Small Business Report, 42% of small businesses plan to increase their IT spending in 2017. Today’s technology is helping small businesses better handle aspects of their daily operations. If you are looking to streamline some of your processes you may want to invest in productivity tools.

With so many tools to choose from, finding the right fit for your business can seem daunting. In this post, we’ll explore some key features you should look for in a solution.

What are productivity tools?

Productivity tools are applications that help you stay organized and help your business accomplish more tasks in a given day. It is no surprise that 21% of small businesses plan to invest in training or tools that improve employee productivity, according to a survey conducted by Wasp Barcode.

Tools that increase worker productivity can benefit small businesses of all types. From retail and home healthcare, to construction and delivery services, any business with mobile workers could use a workforce tool that improves communication and visibility of all employees in the office or in the field.

Mobile workforce apps are tools that can help your small business better manage all employee activities and improve overall workforce productivity—right from a mobile device. They allow businesses to increase communication, minimize down time, reduce operational expenses, and improve visibility into workers’ activities, all the while keeping your office staff and field employee connected.

While there are several mobile workforce applications to choose from, you should look for a solution that can help your small business with scheduling and job management, mobile data collection, and real-time workforce management. Let’s diver deeper into what each of these features could mean for your business.

Mobile Workforce App Features

Scheduling and Job Management

A workforce management tool that has scheduling and job management capabilities can make it easier to organize your field workers’ activities, and help you gain insight into worker locations and job statuses.

Improving your job management will help your managers more accurately track employee travel between job sites. A mobile workforce app can also streamline your scheduling process, so your business will be able to schedule and complete more tasks, resulting in higher revenue.

Mobile Data Collection

The ability to collect, transfer, and share important information between job sites and the office via a mobile device helps minimize unnecessary travel for workers and reduces operational expenses. Your field workers can gather and share on-site job information with the office without ever leaving the job site.

Mobile data collection will also save your office staff time they would normally spend deciphering and manually entering messy hand-written notes, because the job notes will be typed up and readily avalible online.

Real-Time Mobile Worker Management

Real-time mobile worker management allows managers to track job activity, worker location, and mileage traveled as it’s happening, to ensure their field employees are productive, without constantly checking in with them.

However, this feature is not just for managers. It also helps keep your mobile workers safe when they are out working in remote or unfamiliar areas, or in neighborhoods considered unsafe. If a worker is in danger or feels unsafe, you can respond quickly and locate them immediately.

By streamlining several business processes, mobile workforce apps can increase your small business’ productivity and profitability. However, not all workforce tools are the same, and some might not have all the features you need. So make sure to find a turnkey mobile solution that matches your business needs.

To learn more about turnkey mobile workforce productivity tools that can help you improve your scheduling and job management, mobile data collection, and real-time worker management process visit the StreetSmart Mobile Solutions Page.

For more tips and advice on mobile workforce management or running small businesses visit the SteetSmart Blog.


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