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StreetSmart 18.13 Provides Additional Methods to Improve the Customer Experience


Consumers have high expectations on what constitutes exceptional service. The new consumer is immersed in the digital world though smart phones, myriad apps, and connected devices. As such, they expect to be able to interact with service providers across various channels such as chatbots, text, online self-service, and mobile apps.

The “Uberization” of service has become the expected norm, and consumers will leave a provider if expectations are not met. As a result, the analyst firm Gartner reports 70 percent of organizations will cite customer satisfaction as a primary benefit from implementing field service management tools by 2020, up from approximately 50 percent today. With the new StreetSmart 18.13 release, we upgraded the customer experience capabilities to enable providers to provide a better experience.

Here are some of the ways your customers will benefit:

Verification Message:

The service professional can send an SMS to his customer in order to confirm an upcoming visit. The verification message reminds the customer about the visit, increases the level of engagement with the customer and saves money and time on a customer no-shows.​

Image 1: Company Administrator can configure the Verification Message in the Edit Job Type page, which is sent to their customer.

Where’s My Tech?

The “Where’s my tech” feature enables customers to view the location of the technician while they are on route to the customers location. The customer now knows where and when the technician will arrive at the location. Also, the proactive message reduces phone volume to your call center from customers seeking this information.

Image 2: Customer notification about Technician’s location sent to phone

Providing the best possible customer experience has shown to increase revenues, reduce churn and even help engage employees. According to PwC, 73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions, just behind price and product quality. Yet only 49% of U.S. consumers say companies provide a good customer experience today.  The new customer engagement features in StreetSmart 18.13 are a must to help your organization compete and differentiate through your service delivery.

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