InsightsCustomer EngagementStreetSmart 18.13 Securely and Flexibly Enables a Better Customer Experience

StreetSmart 18.13 Securely and Flexibly Enables a Better Customer Experience


We are excited to announce the release of StreetSmart 18.13. The StreetSmart release is full of new features that offer an enhanced customer experience with improved communication options, advanced security, increased flexibility and compliance options.

Below is a list of the new features in StreetSmart 18.13.

Automatic customer engagement features designed to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction

Easily and automatically send customizable appointment confirmation messages, technician ETA updates, and post-job customer service surveys to help improve service delivery and customer experience. Additionally, the job list page now display’s the current status of a job for better tracking and utilization.

This exciting new feature is immediately available for purchase.

Enhanced security preferences for customers collecting sensitive customer data

StreetSmart 18.13 offers enhanced security with:

  • Mobile users can be required to enter a password in addition to a PIN
  • Enforced password complexity
  • Passwords expire after 90 days
  • Device login blocked after 5 invalid login attempts with admin ability to unblock
  • Mobile users will be able to change passwords from their device

These new features enhance security while reducing burdens on application administration.

Increased flexibility for web-sharing of forms, jobs and more with configurable email addresses

Improved end-customer experience by allowing proof-of-service forms, job information, and more to be sent from multiple, configurable email addresses.

Improved accuracy of trip details with the ability to edit Trips on mobile devices

Mobile workers can easily edit trip details from their device if they forget to end the trip at the correct time or if mileage values are incorrect. This feature can be enabled and disabled by administrators and helps to more accurately detail cost information.

Increased home healthcare compliance with Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) support

Easily capture necessary EVV data to stay compliant with new regulations. Features include:

  • Configurable mobile forms to capture required information
  • GPS track and trace with breadcrumb trails
  • Stop analysis
  • Geo-fencing to improve productivity and employee safety
  • Mileage reimbursement reporting to ease audit requirements
  • Timesheet and attendance entry with API integration to back office systems to eliminate manual mistakes

StreetSmart 18.13 provides enhanced security, flexibility, compliance and accuracy to enhance the customer experience.

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