StreetSmart 18.15 Release Benefits Mobile Workers

StreetSmart 18.15 Release Benefits Mobile Workers

StreetSmart 18.15 Release Benefits Mobile Workers

October 8, 2019 The StreetSmart Team 0 Comments

Outside Hours of Operation Notification

Are your employees concerned about being “monitored” when they’re not working? Prevent the risk of employee grievances for violation of privacy. Sometimes a mobile device may inadvertently login, such as accidentally launching the app or during power cycling. Some workers may log in to preview jobs for the day before HOO. Other times a worker may be on call after hours, but they want to protect their privacy.

The Outside Hours of Operation Notification tells a worker if the app has launched outside of hours of operation They can allow or deny the collection of location information.


Auto Drive Detection

Improve the accuracy and completeness of Trip records. Workers often submit incorrect or incomplete travel records because they forget to start or end a trip at the appropriate time.

Auto Driving Detection uses Android and iPhone motion detection sensors to start a trip and notify the worker when driving activity appears to stop. The Edit Trips from Mobile Device option lets workers make any corrections necessary without administrator involvement.

Mobile Job Map & List

Some companies let their mobile workers determine the sequence of jobs to be performed because they may have a better understanding of traffic, customer issues and other factors than a centralized dispatcher.

The Mobile Job Map & List enables those workers to visualize their day in a map view with a sequence line that changes to match the order of the job list. They can choose a full screen view of either the map or the job list, or view both in a split screen. The Job Map, different from the navigation map installed on the device, will be the native map for the specific device (Apple Maps or Google Maps).


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