How We Became StreetSmart®

How We Became StreetSmart®

How We Became StreetSmart®

September 14, 2017 The StreetSmart Team 0 Comments

The StreetSmart app used to be called Xora, a name derived from the three former Oracle employees (eXORAcle) who co-founded the business back in the late 1990s. Since those early days, the concept of this innovative app has grown into a full-suite of mobile workforce capabilities including dispatch, mobile forms, time sheets, mileage reimbursement, and location intelligence services. Combined with a robust administrative software and the ability to integrate into back-office applications like payroll and invoicing, StreetSmart has become the recognized leader in packaged mobile workforce solutions.

Why Our Name Changed from Xora to StreetSmart

Our depth and breadth of knowledge have given us the kind of street smarts attainable only through 20 plus years of experience.  This information translates into solutions that help connect managers and administrators with their remote workers. Our team works alongside thousands of customers to fully understand and provide best-in-class solutions that improve productivity and visibility into mobile worker activities.

“We have changed our name from Xora to StreetSmart because of our practical intelligence and ability to learn from experiences. We can adapt as needed, solve problems quickly and be resourceful – all abilities that make us street smart.” Josh Hiemstra, Professional Services Engineer, and 15-year employee.

Our StreetSmart Approach

Our street smarts are demonstrated through our continued ability to evolve and adapt to changing industry needs. We have done this with countless product releases, certified support and onboarding experts, and an in-depth knowledge base.  Here are just a few of the ways StreetSmart helps companies:

The name change from Xora to StreetSmart reflects our understanding of the needs of field staff and the companies where they work. Our ‘street’ knowledge, coupled with proven administrative and mobile app technology, gives organizations the information and tools they need to optimize job site and office operations.


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