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Tracking Employee Time and Distribution Logistics with Ease


Goodwill is a donor-driven agency that provides job development through classes, training, and work experience. Their goal is to help individuals develop the marketable skills needed to obtain and maintain meaningful employment.

The Goodwill of Northwest North Carolina needed an efficient way of tracking employee time, and a solution that would grow with their changing needs.

“Our drivers move between donation centers and our 40 regional retail locations to pick up donations and bring them to the stores so they can be sold. We needed a better way of getting information to the drivers to help them navigate to jobs, to the centers, and even to home pickups.” – Dave Martyn, Goodwill Director of Logistics

To help manage their expanding fleet and number of donation centers, Goodwill partnered with Field Force Manager a solution that is tracking employee time, managing driver dispatches, and monitoring employee activities. Since implementing their mobile workforce management tool, the Northwest North Carolina Goodwill tracks all home and commercial pickups and drop offs at donation centers.

Martyn’s logistics team relies on this mobile workforce management solution for all their logistics and mobile workforce management needs. Other benefits his team has seen are:

  • Enhanced dispatch capability to donation centers and retail stores
  • Expansion of workload without adding personnel or vehicles to fleet
  • Ability of tracking employee time, jobs, and deliveries

Goodwill’s logistics team relies on the mobile workforce management tool for all its logistics and employee management needs. And because of the success the Northwest North Carolina branch has had with the mobile app, the team is looking to expand their use of the application in order to manage all of their 320 traveling donation trailers.

To learn more about how companies can improve time tracking and workforce efficiency, read this case study.

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