Improve Field Service Management
Without Increasing Complexity

A Complete Workforce Management Solution Built For User Adoption

FieldFirst Feature Set

Don’t overwhelm your workers with new and complex data entry tasks. Equip them with technology they’ll actually use. StreetSmart’s FieldFirst Feature Set maximizes field worker adoption by creating a frictionless experience in the three areas that matter most: starting the day, working the job and submitting job details.

Form Builder

Say goodbye to the stress of filling out and managing paper forms. OneSpot’s Form Builder makes it easy to create customized digital forms in minutes. Eliminate manual processes for timesheets, job activities, expenses and more.


Scheduling & Dispatch Optimizer

Get more done with StreetSmart’s Scheduling & Dispatch Optimizer. Quickly and easily assign, reschedule or reassign jobs with instant access to worker calendars, skills and GPS locations. Field workers automatically receive a notification each time there’s a job change or new assignment.

Timesheet Management

Stop struggling with timecard management. Your workers can clock in, clock out and track breaks in StreetSmart with one click. Monitor timesheets in our Mission Control dashboard and connect to payroll for easy processing.

Workforce Analytics

Quickly generate reports to gain visibility into day-to-day operations. StreetSmart provides real-time workforce data. You can select from a wide range of default reports or build custom reports. Then, use the insights to improve productivity and control costs.

Invoicing Expediter

Don’t let paper invoices slow you down. StreetSmart empowers your field workers to create invoices and estimates right on site—as soon as work is completed. Then, you can send invoices to your customers, web portal and accounting system simultaneously. Speed up processing and receive payment sooner.


Customer Communication

Cut down on the back and forth. Send status updates, invoices, job completion emails, customer surveys and more—right from within the StreetSmart app. Reduce administrative work and improve the customer experience.

GPS Worker Location Map

Get full visibility into your workers’ day-to-day activities. StreetSmart’s field tracking system makes it easy to see every employee’s location on a GPS map. See who’s closest to a last-minute job, improve timesheet accuracy, see the routes employees have driven and track vehicle speed.

You Name It, We’ve Got It Covered

Explore More Features That Work for You

One-Click Job Details

Lose the guesswork that comes with starting a new job. StreetSmart puts all the information your workers need to succeed right at their fingertips. With one click, field workers can see appointment and job details for any assigned job.

Job Task Helper

Get new workers up-to-speed quickly and help all workers stay focused and productive, even on hectic job sites. StreetSmart gives each worker a checklist of the tasks required to complete their job assignment. Maximize first-time fix rates, improve quality of service and put an end to return visits.

Tasks Completed Forms

Effortlessly collect data. Immediately following the completion of any job, StreetSmart prompts your field workers to submit any and all relevant job information through a digital mobile form. All details, including signatures and pictures, then flow directly into your connected operating systems.

Awareness Alerts

Keep everyone on your team informed at all times. Urgent information, like “new job” notifications, scheduling changes or traffic and weather alerts, can be shared in real time via SMS, email or in-app messages. With StreetSmart, you can choose from a wide range of business rules to ensure workers and managers only receive alerts that impact them.

Mission Control Dashboard

Put your field management team and back office admins in the driver’s seat. StreetSmart’s Mission Control Dashboard is a user-friendly portal for all job details, scheduling, forms, timesheets, mileage, alerts, reports, geofencing and more.

Skills-Based Job Assignments

Different jobs require different skill sets. StreetSmart makes it easy to send a qualified worker to every job. Our tool gives your admins instant access to each workers’ skills and availability. This empowers your team to make strategic scheduling decisions in real time to increase productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

Route Optimizer

Eliminate roadblocks that prevent your workers from arriving on time. Use StreetSmart’s Route Optimizer to give each worker the best Google Maps route to take to their next assignment. Save time and mileage while ensuring workers arrive at job sites in a timely manner.

Trip Tracker

Track travel expenses with ease. Field workers can log reimbursable mileage and expenses with just a few clicks. Your accounting staff can easily access this data to streamline processing.

In-App Messaging

Never worry about an overlooked email or text again. Keep conversations with everyone on your team in one place. Send messages to your field workers or admins from StreetSmart’s web and mobile app.

Efficiency Bonus API

Maximize back office operational efficiencies and reduce data entry work. StreetSmart integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

The Only Mobile Workforce Management App
That Prioritizes Field Worker Adoption

The last thing your workers want is to waste time learning new tools and processes. We get that. That’s why StreetSmart is the only workforce app specifically designed to maximize user adoption. Increase productivity, improve efficiency and boost ROI—without making workers’ lives harder. Everybody wins.

Boost Workforce Efficiency
(and Your Bottom Line)

Forget paper forms and manual processes. Workflow optimization is the key to increasing revenue and cutting expenses.

With StreetSmart, Kaiser Permanente achieved:



increase in revenue


reduction in overtime expenses


employee policy compliance

Field Service Companies Get More Work Done with StreetSmart

“In fact, you could say that we’re stretched to capacity. But with [StreetSmart], we have been able to significantly increase that workload without adding any personnel or vehicles to our fleet. That’s significant.”

Dave Martyn

Director of Logistics - Goodwill Industries

“We can run various StreetSmart reports and review that data. For example, we know that John had 15 stops per day, with an average of 16 minutes per stop, and that was consistent with previous weeks. So, we know that John is covering his route, serving every customer in his territory, and spending an appropriate amount of time with each customer.”

Tony Guilfoyle

VP of National Sales - Rockstar Energy

“StreetSmart helps the team communicate easily, research and document field issues. It’s even reduced billing time, improved the delivery of production reports and ultimately, helped us optimize scheduling to better service for customers.”

Jan Mahler

Warranty Administrator - AIS Construction Equipment

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