Employee GPS Tracking

With Today’s Modern Technology, Shouldn’t You Know
Where Your Employees Are Spending Their Time?

StreetSmart’s Field Tracking System Provides Full Visibility Into Your Workers’ Day-to-Day Activities


Always Know Where Your Employees Are

Stop wondering if your workers are where they are supposed to be. Our field staff tracking app makes it easy to see every employee’s location. View where each field worker is on a GPS map in just a few clicks.

Send Workers to Urgent Jobs Right Away

Take the stress out of handling last-minute jobs. Use StreetSmart to locate the closest available worker and get them on-site fast. Respond to emergency requests quickly and increase customer satisfaction.


Review Routes With Ease

Don’t waste any more time or mileage. Using StreetSmart, your admins can review the routes employees have driven and track vehicle speed. Ensure the shortest, safest route is taken every time.

Improve Timesheet Accuracy

Gain full visibility into how workers are spending their billable time with geofencing. Search for an address in Google Maps and draw a circle around it to designate a work zone. Assign workers to each zone and get automated alerts when they enter or leave. Ensure that time spent on the job is really spent on the job to reduce unnecessary or overtime expenses.


The Only Mobile Workforce Management App That Prioritizes Field Worker Adoption

The last thing your workers want is to waste time learning new tools and processes. We get that. That’s why StreetSmart is the only fsm app specifically designed to maximize user adoption. Our workflow automations increase productivity, improve efficiency and boost ROI—without making workers’ lives harder. Everybody wins.

Field Service Companies Rely On
StreetSmart for Employee GPS Tracking

“We can run various StreetSmart reports and review that data. For example, we know that John had 15 stops per day, with an average of 16 minutes per stop, and that was consistent with previous weeks. So, we know that John is covering his route, serving every customer in his territory, and spending an appropriate amount of time with each customer.”

Tony Guilfoyle

VP of National Sales - Rockstar Energy

“This mobile workforce tool gives us the ability to quickly get our drivers to the right place, after receiving a customer service request. StreetSmart helps provide a great same-day customer experience that we have come to rely on.”

Daniel Jongetjes

General Manager - Johns Disposal Service

“StreetSmart is an all-in-one solution. It tracks our handlers but it also eliminates manual paperwork.”


Office Manager - Geese Police

User-Friendly Field Service Management Software

Deliver a Better Experience for Your Employees and Your Customers
With Our Modern Workflow Management Solution

Workflow Automation

Replace inefficient paper forms and manual processes with automations. StreetSmart streamlines your core tasks in just a few clicks. Get the features you need to make work easier for your employees—and nothing you don’t.


Customer Satisfaction

StreetSmart empowers your team members to provide high-quality service every time. Maximize first-time fix rates, increase service speed and reduce costly errors. Give your customers a great experience and open the door for repeat and referral business.

Field Service Management

Optimize every aspect of your field worker management with our modern fsm solution. From scheduling to invoicing and everything in between—let StreetSmart do the work for you. Managing a large mobile workforce has never been easier.


User Adoption

StreetSmart is the only field service app built with a worker-first mentality. The app’s intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn and even easier to use. Our FieldFirst approach focuses on your workers’ core tasks—optimizing and automating the things that matter to them. We make their lives easier and their days more productive.

Get Visibility on Every Field Worker’s Location in Real-Time

Increase productivity and reduce customer complaints by ensuring every worker is exactly where they need to be. See how StreetSmart helps you determine each worker’s location in just a few clicks.