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Assign Jobs Strategically

Different jobs require different skill sets. It’s important to take the varying requirements into account when scheduling jobs. StreetSmart’s mobile job scheduling software makes this easy. Our tool gives your admins instant access to each workers’ skills and availability. This empowers your team to make strategic scheduling decisions in real time to get the most out of your workforce.

Staff New Jobs in Minutes

Take the stress out of handling last-minute jobs. Use StreetSmart’s GPS employee map to locate the closest available worker and send them a “new job” alert. You can even give them the best route to take to their new assignment in Google Maps—from right within our app. Save time and mileage and get workers on site fast. No more saying no to last-minute requests. No more frenzied chaos.


Take On More Jobs

Automate the time-consuming manual processes that are slowing down your workforce. StreetSmart makes paper schedules and processing delays a thing of the past—giving you a fully optimized schedule every day. This means you can serve more clients with the same amount of workers and higher profit margins. Increase efficiency and supercharge growth with our workforce scheduling software.

Reduce Costly Errors

Cut out the mistakes that are leaving both your workers and your customer dissatisfied. Manual scheduling leaves a lot of room for error. With StreetSmart’s job scheduling app, your admins can generate error-free, digital schedules in minutes. You’ll never have to worry about overbooking (or underbooking) again.


The Only Workforce Management App That Prioritizes Field Worker Adoption

The last thing your workers want is to waste time learning new tools and processes. We get that. That’s why StreetSmart is the only workforce app specifically designed to maximize user adoption. Increase productivity, improve efficiency and boost ROI—without making workers’ lives harder. Everybody wins.

Leading Field Service Companies
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“StreetSmart helps us stand out from the competition ... Now we can track our field crew, communicate about specific repair requests, optimize efficiency and deliver the best possible service to our clients. Custom forms, checklists and photographs document the work as it happens.”

Thomas Scholen

President - Aquatech Management of Long Island

User-Friendly Field Service Management Software

Deliver a Better Experience for Your Employees and Your Customers
With Our Modern Workflow Management Solution

Workflow Automation

Replace inefficient paper forms and manual processes with automations. StreetSmart streamlines your core tasks in just a few clicks. Get the features you need to make work easier for your employees—and nothing you don’t.


Customer Satisfaction

StreetSmart empowers your team members to provide high-quality service every time. Maximize first-time fix rates, increase service speed and reduce costly errors. Give your customers a great experience and open the door for repeat and referral business.

Field Service Management

Optimize every aspect of your field worker management with our modern fsm solution. From scheduling to invoicing and everything in between—let StreetSmart do the work for you. Managing a large mobile workforce has never been easier.


User Adoption

StreetSmart is the only field service app built with a worker-first mentality. The app’s intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn and even easier to use. Our FieldFirst approach focuses on your workers’ core tasks—optimizing and automating the things that matter to them. We make their lives easier and their days more productive.

Eliminate Scheduling Headaches
With StreetSmart’s Modern Solution

Enhance your scheduling and dispatch processes with simple, effective automation. Serve more customers, with fewer issues, in less time.