StreetSmart Makes Each Job Easier
and Each Day More Productive

Mobile Workforce Management That Puts the Field Worker First

Optimize Every Aspect of Your Day:
Get More Done Faster and With Less Effort

Your day is jam-packed. You need to complete paperwork, track time and manage invoices—all in addition to doing your actual job. If you fall behind, customer satisfaction suffers and you’ll hear about it from your manager. If you enter information incorrectly or miss a task, productivity suffers (and you’ll hear about that from your manager too).

Want a straightforward productivity tool that’s easy to use and doesn’t make your days more complicated? StreetSmart delivers. Unlike other mobile workforce management apps, StreetSmart puts field workers first. Thoughtfully designed to mimic your daily routines, our task management app maximizes productivity at every turn. From clocking in to clocking out (and everything in between)—do it all with just a few clicks.


No More Time-Consuming, Mundane Tasks

Let our task management tool take care of the data entry tasks that are slowing you down. Submit accurate timesheets, record mileage, create invoices, send job completion emails and so much more with just a few clicks.


All the Information You Need, Right at Your Fingertips

With one click in the mobile app, you can see appointment and job details for any assigned job. This includes a checklist of the tasks required to complete the job assignment as well as the fastest route to get to the job site.


Stay Connected and Informed No Matter What

StreetSmart’s field service management app streamlines team communication. Get urgent information, like new job notifications, scheduling changes or traffic and weather alerts in real time . Reduce back and forth and stay on track.

The Only Task Management App That Prioritizes
Worker Adoption and Promotes Ongoing Usage

The last thing workers want is to waste time learning new tools and processes. We get that.
That’s why StreetSmart is the only task management software specifically designed to maximize user adoption. Our job tracking app increases productivity, improves efficiency and boosts ROI—without
making workers’ lives harder. Everybody wins.

Field Service Workers Love StreetSmart

“The overtime data is a big win for us. We have had a 43% reduction in overtime expenses.”

Michelle S. Teeples

Department Administrator of Continuing Care Services - Kaiser Permanente

“StreetSmart has helped our accounting department significantly. We’ve eliminated the manual aspects of payroll, along with most of the labor hour associated with that process. All around, we’re happy with StreetSmart. It’s been a very positive experience for us.”

Kelli Hill

Staff Accountant - Schilling Companies

“In fact, you could say that we’re stretched to capacity. But with [StreetSmart], we have been able to significantly increase that workload without adding any personnel or vehicles to our fleet. That’s significant.”

Dave Martyn

Director of Logistics - Goodwill Industries

“StreetSmart is an all-in-one solution. It tracks our handlers but it also eliminates manual paperwork.”


Office Manager - Geese Police

Field Worker Management Software
Designed to Make Your Entire Day Easier

FieldFirst Feature Set

Create a frictionless experience for your field workers. StreetSmart optimizes the three areas that matter most: starting the day, working the job and submitting job details.

Timesheet Tracker

Workers can clock in, clock out and track breaks with one click. Connect timesheets to your payroll system to streamline processing.

One-Click Job Details

With one click, field workers can see appointment and job details for any assigned job. Lose the guesswork and complete jobs
with confidence.

Route Optimizer

Field workers are given the best route to each job in Google Maps. Save time and mileage while ensuring workers arrive at job sites in a timely manner.

Trip Tracker

Track reimbursable mileage and expenses with just a few clicks.

Mission Control Dashboard

A user-friendly portal for all job details, scheduling, forms, timesheets, mileage, alerts, reports, geofencing and more.

Awareness Alerts

Keep everyone on your team informed at all times. Target alerts to ensure employees only receive notifications that impact their jobs. Send notifications via SMS, email or in-app messages.

In-App Messaging

Send messages to field workers or other admins.

Simplify Your Workflow

StreetSmart’s FSM app was built with a workers-first mentality. See how much more you can accomplish with our modern software in your pocket.