Modern Field Service Management Software

Optimize Daily Workflows and Give Your Team Time
to Focus on What Really Matters—Your Customers

Drive Productivity and Efficiency With
StreetSmart’s Field Service Management Solution

A business is only as good as its employees. Are you giving your employees the tools they need to be successful? If not, disorganization and unsupported employees may be costing you more than you realize.

If you’re still relying on paper forms and manual processes you’re not doing yourself any favors. In fact, you are making achieving scalable growth harder than it needs to be. Don’t let a reluctance to invest in new technology keep you stagnant.

Optimize every aspect of your field worker management with a modern field service management app. From scheduling to invoicing and everything in between—let StreetSmart do the work
for you.

Maximize Each Worker’s Productivity

Ensure your employees are never in over their heads. StreetSmart’s field service management tool gives your back office admins instant access to each workers’ skills and availability. This means you'll never send a worker or technician to a job they aren't fully qualified for. Optimize your scheduling to take full advantage of every worker.


Do More With Simple Automations

Automate the time-consuming manual processes that are slowing down your workforce. StreetSmart makes paper forms and manual processes a thing of the past. Automate scheduling, invoicing, customer notifications, job completion emails, customer feedback surveys and more. Your employees won’t waste any more time on menial work. Instead, they will be free to devote their time and energy to higher-value tasks. This means you can serve more clients with the same amount of resources and enjoy higher profit margins.

Provide On-The-Job Assistance

Get new workers up-to-speed quickly and maximize first-time fix rates. StreetSmart gives each worker easy access to a checklist of the tasks required to complete their job assignment, right in the mobile app. Keep workers focused and productive, improve quality of service and put an end to return visits.


Streamline Workforce Management

Optimize your workforce management to improve efficiency and achieve scalable growth. StreetSmart provides a new, modern way to schedule assignments, send invoices, monitor job status, track technician time, record mileage and more. Ensure nothing falls through the cracks with our all-in-one field service management solution. Managing a large mobile workforce has never been easier.

The Only Field Service Management App
That Prioritizes Field Worker Adoption

The last thing your workers want is to waste time learning new tools and processes. We get that. That’s why StreetSmart is the only field service management tool specifically designed to maximize user adoption. Our fsm software increases productivity, improves efficiency and boosts ROI—without making workers’ lives harder. Everybody wins.

StreetSmart Supports Growth by
Empowering Field Management Teams

“The drivers receive their instructions, and Field Force Manager also provides turn-by-turn navigation, which is especially helpful in residential areas”

Dave Martyn

Director of Logistics - Goodwill Industries

“StreetSmart helps the team communicate easily, research and document field issues. It’s even reduced billing time, improved the delivery of production reports and ultimately, helped us optimize scheduling to better service for customers.”

Jan Mahler

Warranty Administrator - AIS Construction Equipment

“In fact, you could say that we’re stretched to capacity. But with [StreetSmart], we have been able to significantly increase that workload without adding any personnel or vehicles to our fleet. That’s significant.”

Dave Martyn

Director of Logistics - Goodwill Industries

“StreetSmart is an all-in-one solution. It tracks our handlers but it also eliminates manual paperwork.”


Office Manager - Geese Police

“It’s about having access to good data that productivity analytics helps us make better decisions about business. With StreetSmart, we now have easy access to the analytics we need—and that was our primary reason for selecting their solution.”

Sara Travison

IT Liaison Manager - Oakwood Worldwide

“The overtime data is a big win for us. We have had a 43% reduction in overtime expenses.”

Michelle S. Teeples

Department Administrator of Continuing Care Services - Kaiser Permanente

FSM Software That Supports Growth
Without Adding Complexity

Job Task Helper

Maximize fix rates by workers a complete checklist of tasks required to complete their job assignment.

Tasks Completed Forms

Upon job completion, automatically prompt workers to enter details and submit signatures, images and more to facilitate billing.

Timesheet Tracker

Workers can clock in, clock out and track breaks with one click. Connect timesheets to your payroll system to streamline processing.

Scheduling &
Dispatch Optimizer

Quickly and easily assign, reschedule or reassign jobs. Admins have instant access to worker calendars, skills and GPS locations.

Job Status Tracking

Monitor progress and proactively take corrective actions. Admins and managers can sort jobs by status or priority.

Skills-Based Job Assignments

Assign jobs based on experience to ensure each customer receives the best service possible. Admins have instant access to each workers’ skills and availability.

Form Builder

Create digital forms to replace all your paper and manual processes. With customizable templates, it’s easy to transform your paper forms into dynamic, mobile forms that save time, effort and money.

Awareness Alerts

Directors, Managers and back office Admins can be notified when certain activities are completed, or not completed, by field workers.

Mission Control Dashboard

A user-friendly portal for all job details, scheduling, forms, timesheets, mileage, alerts, reports, geofencing and more.

Activity and Performance Reports

Get the insights to improve productivity and lower costs. Select from a wide range of default reports, or build your own custom report.

GPS Worker Location Map

Instantly see where each field worker is on a GPS-driven map.

In-App Messaging

Send messages to field workers or other admins.

Provide Support for Your
Field Service Management Team

Equip your field service management team with the tools they need to improve
productivity and achieve scalable growth.