Make Their Lives Easier and
Their Days More Productive

Give Your Employees a Mobile Workforce App They’ll Actually Want to Use

Increase Productivity and Engagement With The
Only Field Service App That’s Built for Workers

Your workers do not want to learn new software. But, if you want to take advantage of today’s field service management technology, they’ll have to.

Meet in the middle with a modern field service management app that’s been specifically designed to maximize user adoption.

StreetSmart is the only field service app built with a worker-first mentality. Our FieldFirst approach improves your workers’ daily experiences by automating their core tasks and workflows. The StreetSmart field service mobile app’s intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn and even easier to use.

Maximize Field Worker Adoption

StreetSmart avoids the resistance and friction that accompanies other field service apps. Instead of focusing on complex data collection, our platform focuses on your workers’ core tasks. We optimize and automate the things that matter to them. We make their lives easier and their days more productive.


Achieve Rapid ROI

Take on more clients, without having to hire more workers. Modern workforce app solutions, like StreetSmart, automate the time-consuming manual processes that are slowing down your workforce. StreetSmart makes paper forms and manual processes a thing of the past. Your employees will be free to devote their time and energy to higher-value tasks. This means you can serve more clients with the same amount of resources and higher profit margins.

Promote Employee Happiness

Increase employee engagement and satisfaction. When employees have more time for the work they care about (and were hired to do) they look forward to coming to work. Happier employees perform better. Let our easy-to-use mobile workforce app handle the mundane tasks and give your employees their happiness back.


The Only Workforce App That
Prioritizes Worker Adoption

The last thing your workers want is to waste time learning new tools and processes. We get that. That’s why StreetSmart is the only workforce app specifically designed to maximize user adoption. Our mobile workforce management tool increases productivity, improves efficiency and boosts ROI—without making workers’ lives harder. Everybody wins.

Top Brands Use StreetSmart to Manage
and Engage their Workforce

“We liked StreetSmart the best because of the user interface on the web management application and because it had uses beyond time tracking.”

Tina Merrifield

Network Administrator - ComNet Communications

“The customer service team is great! They are willing to spend the time with me to make sure everything within StreetSmart is working correctly. This is a great solution that our employees love just as much as we do!”

Stephani Stockton

Operations Manager - Stoddard’s Restoration Services, Inc.

Field Service App That Supports Growth
Without Adding Complexity

FieldFirst Feature Set

Create a frictionless experience for your field workers. StreetSmart optimizes the three areas that matter most: starting the day, working the job and submitting job details.

One-Click Job Details

With one click, field workers can see appointment and job details for any assigned job. Lose the guesswork and complete jobs
with confidence.

Job Task Helper

Maximize fix rates by workers a complete checklist of tasks required to complete their job assignment.

Tasks Completed Forms

Upon job completion, automatically prompt workers to enter details and submit signatures, images and more to facilitate billing.

Timesheet Tracker

Workers can clock in, clock out and track breaks with one click. Connect timesheets to your payroll system to streamline processing.

Trip Tracker

Track reimbursable mileage and expenses with just a few clicks.

Awareness Alerts

Directors, Managers and back office Admins can be notified when certain activities are completed, or not completed, by field workers.

Route Optimizer

Field workers are given the best route to each job in Google Maps. Save time and mileage while ensuring workers arrive at job sites in a timely manner.

With A Modern Workforce App Solution,
Everybody Wins

Secure buy-in from your team with a mobile workforce solution that’s designed for them.